cd released on sopa
january 2007 - only 100 copies

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non cd tracks:

demotape, february 2006


song for you

the happy blues

external link: angel performed with singvogel in berlin for the 33.99 project, 2006

the happy blues
ausland recording session, berlin, may 11, 2006

live @ spanien 19c, aarhus, february 4, 2006
zelda panda: vocal+casio+fx, lotte maxild (singvogel): clarinet, lars k.d.: drum machine.

the island
live @ nagira's emulgator feiernparty, berlin, july 23, 2005
zelda panda: vocal, thomas charbonnel: guitar.

the rain will never stop, because it's amazed by the music
berlin jamsession, july 2005
zelda panda: casio, lars k.d.: guitar+drum machine

warm storm
giant sand cover, berlin jamsession, july 2005
zelda panda: vocal, lars k.d.: guitar.

old demo
zelda panda: vocal, lars k.d.: sampling+guitar

sid the punk backing vocal donkey goes solo
avi-format video, berlin, july 2005


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