Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Sideshow
"Interference (Radio Edit)"

(DENMARK) Sideshow is the sideshow of guitarist Rasmus Holmboe, former member of the bands Wild Evil Entertainment Dept., On Trial and Strömning. It is a guitarist with no guitar. Feedback but no noise. Acousmatic but no acoustics. Conception in the absence of rules. Beyond recognition but coherent. In smpte but out of time. Heresy without believers. And a lovely old space-echo-machine.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Good Luck Casper
"The Quitter"

(DENMARK) Behind the name Good Luck Casper you wil find Casper Bach Hegstrup. Under this monicker he writes melancholic 'indietronica' with dry beats and handplayed instruments. Here he aims at being playful within the pop formula. He is also one part of the electronica/noise duo Knob A Siesta and former drummer in the band GimmeJapan. He has also worked with such artists as Amstrong, The Psyke Projekt and Kaa.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Jackson
"I Won't Ever Let You Down"

(DENMARK) Jackson is the haunting sound of things you forgot. Oh yes, she's got the blues.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Neueregene
"Ex Libris"

(DENMARK) Neueregene started out fascinated by the minimalist composers of NYC, but also draws on inspiration of earlier and later composers/musicians, and from most of the world. The key elements in the music are colour and rhythm; structured to the smallest detail, or in floating nonstructured forms, created from the basis belief, that everything IS possible in music. Nothing too fast - nothing too slow. Nothing too high - nothing too low.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Le Fiasko

(DENMARK) 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail better'. Le Fiasko: mash-ups of post-rock elements, surreal folk and noise driven passages. A 7-head ensemble executes: guitars, bass, drums, violin, saxophone, trumpet, cello and vocals. Le Fiasko balances with refinement between avant-garde and pop.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Girls Love Rallie
"Violent Skull"

(DENMARK) Une voix fraiche, juste, moderne, composant il-même ses chansons, Girls Love RALLIE vous plaira! En entendant Girls Love RALLIE, on entend la jeunesse et ses problèmes amoureux. Vous serez transporté dans un autre monde de gentillesse, de rythme et de jouvence. VIVE GIRLS LOVE RALLIE!
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that KURvE
"KURvE Oro"

(DENMARK) KURvE consists of four very different personalities who happened to cross paths: an ex-fugitive, a plumber, a handicap worker and a academically educated musician. Mixing in-your-face punk madness with influences from the traditional music of the Balkans they put on live shows that are seldom forgotten. Some people have called their style 'balkanpunk', 'circuspunk' and even 'gypsypunk'.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Ear & Dark

(DENMARK) Ear & Dark plays manic no wave pop. The music extends itself from Ear & Dark's craving for excessive sonic bursts. Naivistic nursery rhymes to primate screams mold the shape of the songs. The improvisational edge is caught on tape and presented on this song, which is taken from the 7-inch 'I am shy, Betty', released by Black light records.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Bleubird

(USA) In this age of war, confusion, and numbness, Bleubird comes barging in unhindered and unannounced. Flying the flags of rebellion, honesty, and self-expression. Driven by progressive sounds and ideas, and a need to make a difference, pushing the music in new directions. Montreal Mirror says: 'In a single line, he'll sound as political as Noam Chomsky, as dirty as 2 Live Crew and as emotionally fragile as a young girl's diary entry.'
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Konrad Korabiewski
"Mummy's Birthday Greetings"

(DENMARK) Konrad Korabiewski is originally from Poland, but lives in Denmark. Being a bit of an outsider both places - going his own ways. He mixes elements from electroacoustic compositions and sound installations with spellbinding electronica. Always with the personal touch in focus. Both playful and gloomy, ambient and fit for dancing. Live he often incorporates elements such as video art and spoken word performances.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Skammens Vogn
"Dårlig Fødselsdag"

(DENMARK) Skammens Vogn is a band of folk-electro-storytellers that do small instrumental pieces, old school acoustic folkmusic and minimalistic out-of-tune singing to electro weirdness. Most of the songs are based upon the lyrics of poet Nikolaj Zeuthen. The musicians are Jakob Millung og Oliver Hoiness of Joy Lieberkind. Skammens Vogn takes music'n'poetry in a new direction, but inspiration from Sexton Ming/Childish and Danish poet Dan Turéll can also be heard.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that 9

(ITALY/GERMANY) '...these are digital campfire songs.' Behind 9 hides the exile italian and now 'almost-berliner' Marco Brosolo. With the nose of Ringo Starr, hair of Laurie Anderson, voice of Vito Corleone and hands of Aphex Twin, 9 enchants with unusual and harmonic songs. The circle that 9 draws within music opens with an harmonious voice and closes with the touching and tickling warm side of synths in a mix of Beatles-like songwriting and delicate electronics.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Dazzle Ships

(DENMARK) 'These songs are love songs!' states The Dazzle Ships singer and songwriter Dennis B. 'The band grew out of weekly meetings at the university bar in Aarhus, Denmark. We used to meet there to discuss our problems with women. These meetings then grew into a band,' he says. 'The idea was to experiment within the frame Pop music (with a capital P!) inspired by Bryan Ferry, Talking Heads, David Bowie, Talk Talk, Tom Verlaine, Medium Medium and many others.'
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that The Greenlandic Ragga Allstars
"Siebsente Lektion"

(FRANCE/DENMARK) It's party time and your mama doesn't know what to do with ya', cause ya're too small to see what's goin' on out there, she says. But you don't care, you can't care, cause you're gonna lock the door behind and do some B-Boy moves with us. We kill, we bump, we Boom bOom Tchak! That's it! Right to your feet, baby, and you're gonna move that pretty little thing cause there ain't no one to make YOU sad, no there ain't no one here to destroy your pretty face.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that My Twin
"The Devil Behind Me"

(DENMARK) In 2004 Trine and Signe were performing as backing singers in two different bands. Both girls were extremely beautiful and especially gifted and had more dreams than there are pigs in Denmark, so something had to happen someday. Trine thought: 'I don't need a band, I can go solo'. And Signe thought the same thing because apparently these girls often think the same thing. That's when they put on their wigs and started singing.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Machinefabriek
"Droog Water"

(HOLLAND) I like to make overwhelming, hallucinating drone music. But i also love simple, melodic lullabies. Sometimes i just can't choose. I think 'Droog Water' is best of both worlds. Chantal Acda and Peter Broderick were so kind to send me some instrument recordings to use. This tracks is on my 3-inch 'Huis'. Enjoy.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that The Sad Lovers
"My Man"

(DENMARK) The Sad Lovers is a duo made up of Anna Brønsted, who also makes music as Our Broken Garden, and Sara Saxild, bassplayer in Under Byen etc. The duo's songs are about dreams, frustrations and cynical realizations. About slow melancholy. The mundane everyday's mundane worries and infinite, extensive challanges in a loveless desert as taken straight from a movie.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Agata & Me
"Who Let You Come Out?"

(DENMARK/SICILY/BOSNIA) With origins in the Balkans and Sicily two southern europeans meet on a nordic winter night: melancholy strikes.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Hie Soo Moon
"What Are We Gonna Do?"

(DENMARK) Hie Soo Moon is a strong vocal force in the Danish experimental underground. Working within jazz, rock and noise - and often improvising live on stage. Her voice is an integral part of the sound of bands such as TriMooGas and Blob Back Fahrenheit (the latter associated with the Copenhagen-based artist collective Yoyo Oyoy). On occasion she performs with jazz musician Jesper Zeuthen. Also played as part of the now defunct band JaJaSoo.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Adrian Orange (Thanksgiving)
"While You Live"

(USA) Adrian Orange is a singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon, also performing and releasing records under the moniker Thanksgiving. His style is lo-fi indie rock and folk music, often accompanying himself on electric guitar. Since mid-2006, Adrian Orange has played nearly all of his live shows with a backing band and incorporated rock and reggae textures.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Frisk Frugt
"Yes, nu skal vi ud i bilen og vi bestemmer selv hvad vi må"

(DENMARK) On the Frisk Frugt album 'Guldtrompeten' birdsingin' meets noisy drones, pirate rock'n'roll, old school danish songwriting by an old minimalist with a casio-keyboard under his arm. File under: Exotic cocktails! Frisk Frugt (means Fresh Fruit) is Anders Lauge Meldgaard. Co-founder of the label and artists collective Yoyo Oyoy and also plays in several other bands. To name a few: Kirsten Ketsjer The Rock Band, Blob Back Fahrenheit and Slütspürt.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that The Harpies

(DENMARK) We know there are music genres, mostly heavy metal, that can - combined with some hallucinogens - provoke young people to jump out of the windows of cars while driving at high speed. We are opposed to that kind of music.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Marzipan Marzipan
"The Love Song"

(ITALY/GERMANY) Berlin-based Italian musician, graphic artist and dj Zelda Panda writes utterly charming tunes about travelling, life in the city and love. Using an old Italian 60's guitar, a loop-pedal and a toy-keyboard she works her unique lo-fi magic. Zelda is a very productive listener who draws upon a vast body of music for inspiration - among other things country, jazz, 80's pop and old italian crooner-classics - as well as literature, film and her many personal observations.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Big Daddy Mugglestone
"Service w/a Smile"

(USA/GERMANY) Big Daddy Mugglestone, famed occultist and travel writer, began his career at the tender age of 5 when he first came into contact with the so-called 'spiritual world' at his aunt's house outside of Anorvalestian, Colorado. He heard a voice telling him to seek out only the most pure souls to construct a bridge across the mirror that separates us from the recognition of a complete self. He started to sing to drown out that noise, and it still works.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that
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: "SOPA DELICIOSA is one big homage to music. Satisfied you will be."
Norman Records: "Your new favourite band could just be waiting for you here! Give this a shot I implore you!"

Gaffa: "An abundance of musical originality. A treasure trove for the curious music lover."
Diskant: "Go exploring, get inspired and be astonished."
Information: "The musicians on SOPA DELICIOSA smash open the box in their search for an alternative to what has already been said, sung, written, played."

Oops, missing image. Sorry about that A.K. Hansn
'Ud af mit gode skind'

(DENMARK) A.K. Hansn has for years baffled many a Danish mind with his wordplay and trademark odd suburban rock tunes in the bands Vildensky and Singvogel - the latter alongside poet Peter Laugesen. This is Hansn mainly on his own with a few friends to help out. And when they do help out the line-up is not necessarily always the same, but operating under a different name each time - chosen from titles of the Sherlock Holmes murder mysteries.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Oli Oli Oli
"Sing Bird"

(DENMARK) Oli Oli Oli is one of many artist monikers for musician and Lolita Industri label boss Oliver Hoiness. His outputs are numerous working with different other musicians in the process. Among them Skammens Vogn and Blob Back Fahrenheit, but especially Joy L (formerly Joy Lieberkind) where his almost-trademark use of old beatboxes and catchy tunes really shines through. And so they do when he works on his own as Oli Oli Oli.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Resident Tourist
"Tales From The Fleamarket"

(DENMARK) Resident Tourist is music writer and SOPA label founder Lars Kjær Dideriksen trying his hand at music himself. 'Tales From The Fleamarket' was made of sampled sounds from old vinyl found on one trip to a really lousy fleamarket in smalltown, Dullville, provincial Denmark. Each future trip might result in another track. Only time will tell. Whether it be put together from found records, books or weird objects... well, no one knows.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Golden Diskó Ship
"Girl As A Slower Ghostship"

(GERMANY) Golden Diskó Ship is a Berlin based musician named after a golden ship found forever waiting for the party in the harbour of Reyjkavík. She combines a mass of instruments and found objects (guitars, viola, glockenspiel, sticky tape, compact disc cases, toys) together with laptop electronica to form a world of beautiful, original and individual music. 'Dreamy, experimental folk electronica that sounds like walking on the beach with the sun in your eyes.'
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Wendy McNeill
"Lutetia (Song Of A City)"

(CANADA) Originally from the prairies of Canada, Wendy's songs retain her love of wide open spaces and the longing that such big skies can create. She is a fan of underdogs, strange cats and brave hearts. These characters are often the centerpieces of her songs which she creates using looped vocals, accordion, and guitar. She has been described as an artist that creates 'wise moving music' and 'deep twisted tales'.

Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Privacy
"Poem From Thomas"

(USA) Privacy is Laurel Knapp. Just Laurel singing with her acoustic guitar. Bare, simple and original folk music - sung in the writer's own breathy, pitch perfect, deep voice. She has released the album 'No Mercy' on Marriage Records.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Todosch & Kadillac Lobster
"Urlaub (Hin Und Zurück)"

(GERMANY/ITALY) Todosch, a.k.a. Torsten Schlopsnies, works as an artist on many different levels. Music is actually not his primary outlet, as you're probably more likely to experience his work through art exhibitions and performances. The oddly charming Berlin-based cover band Kadillac Lobster provided the additional music for this song. The band consists of Zelda Panda (a.k.a. Marzipan Marzipan), Seby Ciurcina and Marcello Silvio Busato.

Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Filkoe

(USA) With a love for all life, seen and unseen, a passion for early words written by early American revolutionaries and a 20-year love affair with all things b-boy led Filkoe to make the album 'Lost Zoo Keys and the Animal Spirits that Haunt Them.' Living in Seattle, Washington, Filkoe's originality is said to have come from the mystical energy of the Pacific Northwest, his obsession of the earth's creatures and his observation hermit lifestyle.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Maria Timm
"Not Enough"

(DENMARK) Peculiar pop with edges. The music is made up of Maria Timm's melodies and vocals and Anders Boll's beats and grooves. Maria used to be bass player and backing vocals for The Broken Beats which whom she recorded three albums and toured extensively. Besides her own project she also plays in the band Marybell Katastrophy. She also works with the French band Superpreachers.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Delay Lama
"Sieben Uhr Sonntag"

(DENMARK) started out doing soundscapes using a broken delay pedal with its own inner life bought a 303 and became more beat oriented now use mac computers like everyone else but still rely heavily on old effect boxes and the 303 don't have any superlatives to label our music with don't work very hard and don't have nothing to say curiousity and revenge are the main sources of inspiration always end up doing some good old grainy pulsating stuff
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Paper Tiger

(HOLLAND) Paper Tiger is Chris Regtop (Grasp, Bitch Boy, Syphilis) and Témy Phem (Kismet, Lightyearcruiser, Grasp). After playing in several punk/indie bands they decided to make an album together. The album contains humble songs and is recorded and mixed without the aid of computers in Chris's bedroom. 'Lullaby' is a soothing song, usually sung to children before they go to sleep, but it can also be sung to insomniac teenagers and adults as well to help them sleep.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that I Like This Wind
"My Quiet Rooms"

(DENMARK/BELGIUM) 'I never thought of the broken little fragments of voice and electric guitar as something others would enjoy, it didn't occur to me. They were private, something I did when I was alone.' Nevertheless she started to share her songs with the rest of us. Simple electric guitar arrangements and a haunting voice that shoots right through you like an arrow.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that The Watery Graves of Portland and


(USA) The Watery Graves of Portland are the sounds and atmosphere created by Curtis Knapp on piano and Adrian Orange on brushed drums and Davis Lee Hooker on upright bass. The music is Satie-like in it's mercurial deliberation, a sort of 'old school' instrumental improvisation but not lawless, and sometimes verges on the bar room ragtime: inspirational elevator music, filmic rhythmic furniture music.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Emily Frembgen

(USA) Emily Frembgen lives in Denver, Colorado where there's no place to get good cupcakes. She started a band with her best friend in high school called 'The Jellybabies.' She recorded the song 'Dogs' with Johnny Wohlfahrt of Nervesandgel, and hopes that he'll want to work with her again. Emily likes coffee, magazines, cupcakes and being on compilations.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Nils Gröndahl & Oliver Hoiness
"Hey Indy"

(DENMARK) Nils Gröndahl is the violin- and sawplaying noise-maker from the hugely acclaimed band Under Byen. On stage easily singled out as the one to stir things up he brings his interest in producing those particular sounds with effectpedals, saw and violin into play on his own also. Oliver Hoiness of bands such as Joy Lieberkind and Skammens Vogn (and labelboss of Lolita Industri) brings guitar, old organs and drum machines to the mix. And thus, a unique duo is born.
Website I Website II
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Singvogel
"Kirurgen (Live)"

(DENMARK) Singvogel is a one-of-kind band. Members of the 90's underground favourites Vildensky moved on to a new band where the unique and disturbing universe of songwriter Andreas Hansn continues to evolve. Here the words collide with brass and woodwind instruments that intertwine with old synths and percussion. Singvogel have released three albums - two of them with Danish beat poet Peter Laugesen. 'Kirurgen' is a cover of the Fallen Men song 'The Surgeon'.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Mr. Leary
"BIN No 812"

(DENMARK) Mr. Leary draws inspiration from the no wave scene in a continuous effort to make experimental music, and having fun doing it. The duo records all their music live with guitar and bass and improvise a lot in the process with very little editing used afterwards; it's noise with rock'n'roll energy. Often they are accompanied by guests at their sessions such as a 40-something poet or a jazz-drummer making every recording just a bit different from the last.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Luwte
"Ancestral Primordial Pain"

(HOLLAND) 'Was gehts du doen dan!' is the question when N(obody) and Jorrit start working on new music. It's like a student/teacher thing. N(obody) gives smooth sampling classes and describes how to chop a nice heavy metal drum beat without glitches. He also answers questions about what was going on during the Monsters of Rock festival back in '86. Jorrit is more of the pimp here to freak out the world and always needs more distortion and then brings home the bacon.
Website MySpace
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Lamburg Tony

(DENMARK) I enjoy using old tape recorders. The best tape recorder in my small collection is a Sony TC 129. I also have a Samsung double deck and a Toshiba tape recorder. I use an IBM Aptiva computer with Windows 95 and the music program Scream Tracker 3 running in dos mode. This helps me to create great 8 bit sounds. Old but good. I record pots and pans, flutes, bells, pianos, toys, drums, bottles and news papers. I hope you have got an idea of how I work.
Oops, missing image. Sorry about that Sgnl_Fltr
"Stilgar's Doubt"

(DENMARK) As sgnl_fltr I usually do dark sleepy techno but once in a while I can't help testing the limits of the monicker. This track does just that and also pays homage to both Frank Herbert's view on technology 10.000 years into the future and my crappy sequencer, that keeps fucking up my old technoloops. All quite pretencious if you ask me...